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  • 29/12/2008
    Pankaj Manghani.Director Exports

    We are an Indian based company (SLB-INDIA). We are into Imports & Exports of Fruits & Vegetables. We need contacts of reliable companies dealing there for the same.

  • 26/12/2008

    We are New Zealand meat trading company interested in reliable supplier of Horse boneless meat and Horse Achilles Tendons. This is steady and ongoing business.

  • 26/12/2008
    Adalberto Viola Brasil

    Nos enteresa entrar en contacto, con empresas relacionadas con BITUME, CARNE, TEXTIL & otros.

  • 24/12/2008
    Ayob. Eindhoven. Holanda

    We are currently searching(looking for ) The Manufacture(Factory) of Laundry soap bar. in Argentina.If you find , the factory of( laundry soap bar-200g/230g/250g ). We sincerely hope to begin a very pleasant and successful business relationship with Argentina .

  • 22/12/2008
    Jenny Chen

    empresa que vende medicamentos y alimentos para animales busca empresas que exportan los siquientes productos para importar a Taiwan:
    1) Huevo de pavo para incubar
    2) Polvo de hueso de vaca para alimentacion de animales.
    3) Desechos de grasa de vaca

  • 19/12/2009


  • 01/12/2008
    Empresa: sarlacna. Algeria

    nous cherchons des exportateurs des produits: sorgho, luzerne, ma´s ect......amicalement .sarl acna

  • 26/11/2008
    Simgee group (usa).

    Need technical partners for assorted projects on joint venture basis in African continents . We are also interested in trade promotions

  • 24/11/2008
    Kornel International Co Ltd-TOGO

    We Want to Buy/Import:
    Foods, Macaroni, Spaghetti,Rice,Wine,Vine,Apple,Textile,Fabrics,Bed sheets,Handkerchief, Leather and Leather Products,Bags,Tarpaulin, Carpet,Clothing's, Footwear,Underwear,Lingerie, Baby Diaper,Luggage's, A4 Copy Paper, Stock Lots, Computer Parts, Used Clothing, Used Car, Tire, Used Shoe, Used Electronics, Stock lots etc. General Manufactured Products.

  • 20/11/2008
    Claudio Serra. brazil.

    necesitamos contactar exportadores de ajos. we need garlic supplier. We want start a negotiation and our interest are argentine suppliers to use all the benefits of Mercosur

  • 12/11/2008
    Joseph Siswanto

    Detailed Product Description
    40" * 4" * 2" = USD440/cubic meter
    40" * 4" * 3" = USD460/cubic meter
    40" * 4" * 4" = USD500/cubic meter
    20" * 4" * 2" = USD360/cubic meter
    20" * 4" * 3" = USD380/cubic meter
    20" * 4" * 4" = USD420/cubic meter

    10cm * 100cm * 1 mm = USD0.15/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 1.5mm = USD0.15/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 2 mm = USD0.20/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 2.5mm = USD0.25/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 3 mm = USD0.30/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 4 mm = USD0.35/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 5 mm = USD0.40/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 6 mm = USD0.45/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 7 mm = USD0.50/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 8 mm = USD0.55/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 9 mm = USD0.60/sheet
    10cm * 100cm * 10mm = USD0.60/sheet
  • 04/11/2008
    Exel International

    I'm looking for a manufacturer of drenching syringes and repeater syringes used in animal health care.

  • 04/11/2008
    Tae Kim
    Inos International Ltd,.
    Seoul, South Korea

    we are looking for Hi-Oleic peanuts

  • 2/11/2008
    Empresa: Bureau NSA. Lormont. Francia.

    pneus, lait en poudre. (neumaticos, leche en polvo)

  • 28/10/08
    I-Min Wu from Sanyard Co., Ltd, Taiwan

    I have an inquiry of soybean.

  • 11/10/08
    Mateus Silva. Porto Alegre

    Tenemos interes parceiro comercial de la importacion de orégano deshidratado molido. Aproximadamente 3T.M. Somos representantes de una industria alimentaria tradicional, con más de 40 añs en el mercado. Tenemos que saber el valor FOB del producto.
  • 13/10/08
    Hensels Global Resources

    We are distributors,agents representative ,marketers of diverse range of goods in Nigeria.We also provide assistance to foreign companies investing in Nigeria

  • 9/10/08

    we are looking for corn(yellow) for animal feed making

  • 2/10/08
    Tammy Creo

    I NEED AN EXPORTER. Necesito comunicarme con Exportadores para comprar escamas de cuernos de ciervos. Ademas busco hueso de vaca para exportacion.
    Inches: 3" x 1" x 1/8" MM: 76 x 25.5 x 3 Scale Black
    Inches: 5" x 1-1/2" x 3/8" MM: 127 x 38 x 9.5 Scale Black
    Inches: 5" x 1-1/2" x 3/8" MM: 127 x 38 x 9.5 Scale Striped
    Inches: 5" x 1-1/2" x 3/8" MM: 127 x 38 x 9.5 Scale Red
    Inches: 5" x 1-1/2" x 3/8" MM: 127 x 38 x 9.5 Scale Bark
    Inches: 5" x 1-1/2" x 3/8" MM: 127 x 38 x 9.5 Scale Impala
    Inches: 4-1/2" x 1-3/8" x 3/8" MM: 114 x 35 x 9.5 Scale Impala
    Inches: 3-1/2" x 1-1/4" x 1/4" MM: 89 x 32 x 6 Scale Impala
    Inches: 6" x 2" x 1/4" MM: 153 x 50 x 6 Scale Black
    Estas son unas pocas de las medidas. Compras de 1millon por ano, dependiendo del precio. Por favor comunicarse urgente con el siguiente email: tcreo@bellsouth.net. Dar datos de empresa para obtener cotizacion FOB USA. Velvet Deer Antler NEEDED to purchase FOB USA. Please contact me directly by email as soon as possible. We also need cow bones.

  • 30/08/2008
    Gabnet Agencies Limited. Nigeria.

    Agricultural Equipments , medical ,health equipments & supplies. Garments,Fashion wears, Medical wears,military wears, we are looking for manufacturers and exporters of Safety Boots,Leather Safety Boots,military boots, military wears, garments, T-Shirts , socks,jeans,jackets,underwears,gowns,suits,childrenwears, bedcovers,bedsheets,curtains etc

  • Goldie Shturman. Estoy buscando contactos y datos sobre exportaciones de aluminio: precio de exportacion, toneladas, principales exportadores, etc.

  • Javier Mandry, Puerto Rico. Usa

    Me interesa un exportador de aceitunas (con morrones o con pepitas) que tenga la capacidad de enviarlo en envases de cristal de aprox. 250ml cada uno. Ademas, me interesa el aceite de oliva extra virgen. medio contenedor de aceite de oliva y de aceitunas de las dos variedades seccionadas en envases de cristal.

  • Roberto Conte

    necesito 300 toneladas mensuales carbonilla vegetal en la malla 0-50 mm. enviar precio y disponibilidad

  • 18/08/2008
    Michael S. Biber

    I am looking to purchase a large sum of crude soybean oil to export from Argentina to Europe.

  • 15/08
    Fox do Iguazu

    saber exportadores de manta asfaltica, N.C.M 6807.10.00.

  • 11/08
    Southern Trade Consulting

    Water _Raw materials

  • 11/08/2008
    Helen Huang. Australia.

    Please advise the manufacturers of Chondroitin Sulfate Bovine 90% min USP from Argentina.
  • Juctice Brothers, Inc.

    Justice Brothers Inc., manufactures a complete line of products for the Automotive, Farm, Marine, Truck, Agricultural, and Industrial marketplace. Products include Fuel Injection System Cleaner, Engine Stop-Leak, Oil Treatment, Oil System Cleaner, Gas Treatment, Diesel Fuel Treatment, Automatic Transmission Protectant, Radiator Stop-Leak and over 70 others. Justice Brothers has received the highly coveted E-award for the United States Government for export excellence, Justice Brothers celebrates 70 years in the automotive industry and over 35 years of experience in the exporting of our products.
    We are currently searching for a Direct Stocking Distributor for several regions of Argentina. We are looking for candidates in the Automotive, Agricultural and Farm, Car Care Chemicals, Truck, Marine, and Industrial Maintenance and Parts Business.
    Our website is: www.justicebrothers.com

  • 05/08/2008

    Necesito pañales para adultos elastizados con buena calidad y presentación, para abastecer más de 300 farmacias en Rio Grande do Sul.

  • 31/07/2008
    Andrea Ramírez
    Comercio Internacional. Chile.

    contacto con exportadores de productos químicos

  • 29/07/2008
    Kenneth Kalu, Director. Kornel International Co Ltd.

    Presently, We Want to Buy/Import: Textile,Fabrics,Leatherette, Tarpaulin,Carpet,Clothing's,Footwear,Shoe,Underwear, Lingerie's,Food,Cooking Oil,Macaroni, Spaghetti, Milk,Sugar,Fruit, Apple,Wine,Beer,Spirit,Fruit Juice,Canned Tomato,Sardine, Beef,Cosmetics,Soap, Detergent,Perfume,Baby Diaper,Feeding Bottle,Cooking Ware, Glass Ware,Bags, Luggage's, A4 Copy Paper, Latex Glove,Tiles,Lighting Fixtures, Electric Bulb, Used Car,Used Clothing's, Used Shoe,Textile Remnants, Stock lots,Computer and Parts.

  • Lic. Dorys Portillo. ASUNCION.


  • Paula Martínez

    exportadores del producto corned beef a los Estados Unidos

  • Ricardo Cedeño

    Comercializadora de Productos Carnicos Busca exportador de carne de cerdo para importar 8 contenedores al mes

  • Rolf MŘller
    Industrial Consulting

    There must be a supplier in Argentina who make Steering Racks for old Mini, Triumpf and other Old English Cars. Looking for contact also to other manufactures for car parts.

  • Mr. Ankit Agrawal

    We are the finest qualtiy Manufacturer of Reactive dyes and Acid Dyes. Reactive dyes is used in Textile industry for dyeing and printing and Acid dyes is used in Leather tannery for dyeing leater. If anybody have requirement in it kindly contact us for more information about our company you can visit our website www.ankitind.com

  • Elisete. SŃo José do Rio Preto/SP (Brasil)

    alho em cabeša n.4, n.5 e n.6 e qual o prešo.

  • 23/06/2008

    Dear Exporters,We are a pulses importer company. Our goal is to import good quality pulses. We are waiting your offer for Cranberry beans, lentils

  • 23/06/2008
    david guo. Guangdong

    buy whole and skimmed milk powder.originated in argentina. trial order;100mt quote cif china ports before july 30

  • 18/06/2008
    Sheila. Rio de Janeiro.

    Gostaria de saber a possibilidade de importar baunilha da marca la parisien, da Argentina. Cotar custo e transporte porta a porta

  • 18/06/2008

    Aceite Girasol en presentaci˛n:Caja de 12 botellas x 1 litro, y 24 botellas x 500 cc.

  • Pedro

    Somos una empresa con actividad en España relacionado a la construcción metalúrgica y civiles, nuestro radio de acción se desarrolla en la UE, Europa del Este y África.
    Nuesto objetivo es ofrecer nuestra infraestructura productiva para fabricar total o parcialmente aquellos productos de los exportadores tengan dificultades para vender debido a los costos y/o volúmenes exijidos por los importadoresen aquellos destinos.
    Nuestra intención es compartir las ventajas arancelarias, financieras y logísticas de la UE.



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