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Frank Mao

TOPTEK LASER Portable Laser Welding Machine 1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W TOPtek is an innovative high-tech company focusing on handheld laser welding solutions. Adhering to the deep professional ability, numerical control system, high-speed transmission system and other core technologies, we are committed to providing hig...

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Grace Fu

Waterproof Zipper The zipper is nylon zipper with TPU film on tape, with print logo on the film, color and logo can be personalized. For quality , we have A lever and 3A lever to meet different requirements.

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Grace Fu

HIGH QUALITY OF THE POLYESTER BUTTON Product Introduction Polyester resin button made of resin material, shape and size can be customized, you can use for clothes, coat , etc..

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Grace Fu

Metallic Zipper The product range of Shanghai Manxuan includes plastic zippers, metal zippers, nylon zippers,water-proof zippers, resin buttons, metal buttons, horn buttons, shell buttons, stopper, string, etc., all of the products are manufactured under OEKO-TEX100...

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Grace Grace

cyclohexylamine Descriptions: Product:cyclohexylamine Synonyms: Cyclohexylamine(6CI,8CI);1-Aminocyclohexane;1-Cyclohexylamine;Aminocyclohexane;Aminohexahydrobenzene;Benzenamine, hexahydro-;Hexahydroaniline; Monocyclohexylamine Molecular Formula:C6H13N Molecular Weig...